Participation is encouraged and organised by visualising a future Australia through the lens of four ‘archetype’ scenarios:

Tokyo 3337Growth

Stories of this type are about continuation of the economic growth that has occurred in the developed world over the past 200 years. Other things might also grow including population, the size of urban or agricultural areas, and resources used.

The Japanese GardenRestraint

Future stories of this type involve exercising discipline to address aspects of the present that may lead to undesirable outcomes in the future. The focus of this discipline is, in most cases, sustainable use of natural resources.

pollution - Beth FultonCatastrophe

Futures of this type are about the loss of many aspects of society that we value. Catastrophe futures might emerge because good intentions don’t work out as planned or because of direct destruction of desirable aspects of society.


Futures of this type are about fundamental changes for the better (undesirable changes fall under “catastrophe”). Transformations might be big technological leaps, and/or major changes in attitudes, policies, and practices in relation to the environment, inequity, governance, or industries.