Event: Open State Workshop, Adelaide 2016

‘Foresight 2050’ was held in Adelaide over 3 days in October 2016 where 50 Australians from diverse backgrounds were invited to imagine scenarios that explored the range of possible challenges for Australians in the future. Foresight 2050 was guided by expert facilitators: José Ramos, Action Foresight and Victoria University (VIC), designer Bridgette Engeler of Swinburne… Read More

Event: Post Dining, Adelaide 2016

Post Dining co-producers Hannah Rohrlach and Stephanie Daughtry delighted our senses with their food experiences themed to the four archetypes under discussion at Adelaide Foresight 2050. Over two days Hannah and Stephanie provided more than mere refreshment. Their offerings both stimulated and complimented each scenario discussion, making for a memorable and enjoyable experience. Growth Afternoon… Read More