Event: Post Dining, Adelaide 2016

Post Dining co-producers Hannah Rohrlach and Stephanie Daughtry delighted our senses with their food experiences themed to the four archetypes under discussion at Adelaide Foresight 2050.

Over two days Hannah and Stephanie provided more than mere refreshment. Their offerings both stimulated and complimented each scenario discussion, making for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Growth Afternoon Tea

To tie in the with the first structured conversation around ‘Growth’, Post Dining provided an abundant afternoon tea of sumptuous, towering cakes covered with lashings of rich, buttery icing; all festooned with leaves and flowers. Participants were encouraged to indulge and go back for more; go back twice, three times, as many times as their stomachs would allow. Hannah and Stephanie were on hand to encourage participants to take that extra serve back to their workspace, providing take away trays in the spirit of excess. The food experience perfectly reflected the discussions and the experience of excess was certainly felt by many.

Restraint Drinks and Canapés

To end a long day of discussions, Hannah and Stephanie invited participants to forget their afternoon tea excesses and partake of ‘Restraint’ themed drinks and canapés. There were two parts to the experience. Drinks were available through a token system designed and administered by Post Dining. Participants were given tokens that would entitle them to two standard drinks, reflecting government health recommendations for daily alcohol intake. To obtain food, participants were again given a ration of tokens and, instead of providing canapés on trays floating around the room, canapés were placed on a table and were only provided in exchange for tokens. Canapés were displayed according to each dish’s unique water footprint. Each dish was assigned a number of tokens according to how much water was used in the production of the treat – the more water used in production, the more tokens required for that particular item. Participants were encouraged to think about using their tokens wisely and with restraint.

Catastrophe and Transformation

The focus of the second day’s discussions was ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘Transformation’. An afternoon tea of items that may be available during a catastrophe scenario were served; weeds and seeds and insects formed the basis of the items on the menu. Post Dining offered dandelion root, mint and green ant tea and basic wattleseed biscuits, encouraging us to reimagine foods that may be foraged and found when resources are scarce. As the day’s discussions drew to a close, Hannah and Stephanie offered participants a parting gift in the theme of ‘transformation’. A small brown parcel tied up with string held within it a gorgeous, rich treat of fair-trade rocky road chocolate filled with native macadamia nut and roasted meal worms, topped with toasted crickets. By utilising sustainable, prolific yet uncommon ingredients the intention is to introduce the consumer to alternative, sustainable choices and transformative thinking.


The Post Dining food experience was expertly tied into the discussion themes and provided a novel and memorable method of engaging people in futures thinking.

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